A Toast to Your Inner Artist Workshop Series

Tuesday, August 15, 7pm: Impressionist Still Life
B Chord/Corcoran Brewing Company, 205 Hirst Road, Suite 105, Purcellville, 540-441-3102

Paint your masterpiece! Cezanne. An evening of relaxed, artistic creation and great craft beer**.  Step by step instruction as you learn to paint a still life in the style of Cezanne. Amaze yourself and your friends. No experience necessary. $40 per person. Limited Availability. Purchase Tickets Now! 


Sunday, September 17th, 3pm: Paint Your Pint
B Chord Brewing Company, Location and ticketing to be determined. Be sure to stay in the loop! Subscribe to Leanne Fink Newsletter.

** Soft drinks available and for those under 21.