Greetings to all my art enthusiasts!
I have wintered over these last few months and given you all a break from reading about art events in our area. This year’s communications will be handled a little differently. With its shifting scene of scandals I will be posting less on Facebook. My personal messages will be the primary way to keep in touch with me. Subscribe to my periodic Art Announcement for the latest news. I will try not to overburden your inbox.

Since I don’t travel that often, I encourage you to send me photos from your travels, especially if you would like to see them transformed into a beautiful oil painting. I love to explore new scenery and subject matter and, especially, creative challenges.

And now for a little history. Around the Christmas holiday, we had a water issue in our basement that required replacing the carpet. As a result I rediscovered some old portfolio cases with work from childhood up through my days in advertising. I am happy to share some memories with you.
Pictured above is a blast from my past. I had been commissioned to create a number of pencil portraits depicting WOR radio personalities for their print advertising campaign. Some of you may recognize John Gambling or Larry King. I recall Frank Sinatra was in the group, too, but I couldn’t find his promo sheet. Fun times.

When I started painting after the holidays, I was mesmerized by the 11 inch snowfall we had. The snow reflected so many soft shades of color. So I painted ‘My Favorite Tree’, a Hollywood cedar on my front lawn, just as the sun was setting. It is executed with palette knife in oil and cold wax on linen, 10×8, and framed for $275.
An electronic image can never come close to viewing art in person. Upcoming art receptions where you will see more of my oil paintings in person are:
Sunday, February 24th, 2-4pm
868 Estate Vineyards
14001 Harpers Ferry Rd.
Friday, March 1st, 6-9pm
Art Sweet Art
2B Loudoun St. SW
Downtown Leesburg
Sunday, March 17th, 1-4pm
Rust Library
380 Old Waterford Rd. NW